PPEA Piping Engineering Associates

Pressure Piping
Engineering Associates, Inc.

Senior Consulting Services for the Design, Construction,
Maintenance, Repair, and ASME Code Compliance of Pressure
Technology Components and Associated Constructions

Pressure Piping Engineering Associates, Inc., a California corporation, is an association of highly experienced and specialized senior consultants who form, as required, project teams to provide various design, construction, maintenance, and repair services for pressure components. 

PPEA services are aimed principally, although not exclusively, at the power and petrochemical industries.  Major application areas include piping and pipeline engineering, dynamic loads engineering for mechanical equipment, and ASME Code compliance assistance.

291 Puffin Court, Foster City, CA  94404-1318      (650) 574-8195    (800) 995-2150    Fax (650) 574-2153